URN documentation

A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for NEN standards.

This documentation defines the syntax for URNs that identify documents developed by NEN in accordance with the standards development procedures.

URN structure

The basic syntax in ABNF:

  • "urn:nen:std:" document *supplement

The document and adjunct have the following

  • document = originator ":" docreference ":" date [":" type] [":" status] [":" language]
  • supplement = ":" relation ":" suppltype ":" supplnumber ":" date


  • docreference = docnumber [":" partnumber]
  • partnumber = "-" 1*( DIGIT / ALPHA / "-" )

Main rules

  • All characters must be in lower-case.
  • Delete any trailing colons.


  • Between elements in the URN
  • Within an element


Element Description
urn: URI Schema
nen: Standards Development Organization (SDO) Namespace
std: Resources of Type Standard
[Document] Document Identifier
[Supplement] Adjunct Document Identifier, e.g. addendum.
Element Required Description Possible values Default
originator Y The organization from which a document emanates. See document originators  
docnumber Y The reference number assigned to the document.    
part number N The reference number that identifies a part of a multipart standard. "ser" for series/all parts  
date: Y The date of publication YYYY, YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD  
type N The NEN deliverable type See document types Nationale norm
status N The publication status of the document. See publication statuses Published
language N One or more alpha-2 codes as specified in ISO 639-1. E.g. "nl", "en", "en-nl" Dutch
Element Description Possible values
relation The relationship between the adjunct and base document See relations
adjunct type The type of supplement See adjunct types
adjunct number The number of the supplement

Value lists

Document originators
Value Description
"nen" developed by Netherlands Standardization Institute
"nen-iso" jointly developed by NEN and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
"nen-iso-iec" jointly developed by NEN, ISO and the International Electrotechnical Commission or Commission Electrotechnique Internationale (IEC)
Document types
Element Description
"nta" Nederlands Technische Afspraak
"npr" Nederlandse Praktijkrichtlijn
"nvn" Nederlandse Voornorm
"ncs" Nederlands Certificatieschema
"spec" NEN-spec
"nl" Nationale norm (NEN norm)
Relation Description
"plus" Consolidates
"diff" Supplements
Adjunct types
Adjunct Description Equivalent aan
"amd" Amendment Wijzigingsblad
"cor" Technical Corrigendum Correctieblad
"add" Addendum Bijlage
"ish" Interpretation sheet  
Publication statuses
Status Description Equivalent aan
"draft" a document that has not yet been accepted for publication by ballot Normontwerp
"published" a published document Gepubliceerde norm
"cancelled" a document that has deleted or withdrawn Ingetrokken norm


ABNF Notation
  • " " indicates a literal (terminal character string)
  • [] indicates an optional rule.
  • () indicates a sequence group
  • / indicates an alternative
  • * indicates that a term or group can be repeated 0 or infinite times