International Classification for Standards 3.0

Search, browse, share and query the classification for standards.

The Semantic Web (also known as Web 3.0) is an extension of the World Wide Web through standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The goal of the Semantic Web is to make Internet data machine-readable. 

NEN ported the existing International Classification for Standards (ICS) to the Semantic Web using the SKOS data model. SKOS stands for Simple Knowledge Organization System and provides a way to represent taxonomies. This prototype offers significant advantages compared to the current PDF format, including:

- Providing a common framework that allows the classification to be shared and reused across applications.
- Integrating the classification with other data sources.
- Reasoning over the classification.

We even took this a step further by enriching the ICS classification and adding:

- Translations in Dutch, German and French.
- Semantic relations found in the scope or reference notes. These include subjects covered by a particular ICS class and references to other relevant ICS classes.

Let us show you how!

Case: You have a company that builds walls and façades in the Netherlands and Germany. You wish to know which standards are relevant for your business and share this with relevant stakeholders.

Example 1: Search 

You want to know which standards are relevant for your business?  E.g. Go to the ICS classification and search for 'wall'. You will find the ICS class 91.060.100. You notice two things:

- The ICS class has many documents that belong to it.
- The class hierarchy, e.g. the class ‘walls partitions façades’, is a subclass of ‘elements of buildings’.

Unique Resource Identifier for ICS class 91.060.10

Example 2: Share 

You want to share the relevant ICS classes with your stakeholders?

Just copy the Unique Resource Identifier or URI (by clicking on the clipboard icon) and share it. You will share a reference to the class instead of duplicating content about the class. Your readers can follow the hyperlink and view the ICS class. 

cranes hierarchy

Class hierarchy for ICS class 91.060.10

Example 3: Browse

You want to find other relevant classes?

A ‘crane’ is a type of ‘elements of buildings’, which is in turn ‘construction materials and building’. This is captured using the semantic relation narrower/broader which is shown in the class hierarchy.

SPARQL query

Example 4: Integrate

You want to be reminded when new relevant standards are published and show the latest publications on your website?

E.g. Using SPARQL you can query the ICS classification. SPARQL is the standard query language and protocol for Linked Open Data and RDF databases. You can retrieve the latest documents published in an ICS class by sending a query to our SPARQL endpoint.

Note: This service is not yet publicly available.

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